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Vegetable Mesh Bag

2 versatile lightweight breathable mesh bags that conveniently fold into your purse, bag, or pocket. They are ideal for carrying loose fruit and vegetables from the supermarket, greengrocer, or the market. Made from recycled polyester, these bags are designed to be long lasting and durable, and will safely carry 5kg. These bags can also be used as a 'delicates bag' in your washing, or as a storage bag for other household items like toys and 'bits and bobs'. 


  • Recycled Polyester mesh bags allow fresh produce to breathe

  • Quick and easy to open using drawstring and pop lock

  • Strong and durable bags will safely carry 5kg, and can be used over and over again

  • These versatile bags can be used to store other household items and can be used as a laundry or delicates bag

  • These bags are designed to last and remove the need to use plastic and paper produce bags for loose fruit and veg, or the need to buy pre-packed groceries



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