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Eco-Friendly Wheat Straws

Jolly Turtle Straws made from straw will let you enjoy any drink knowing that there is no plastic waste and knowing they won't go soggy like the paper alternatives! They are 100% natural wheat and biodegradable, perfect for any party and aperitives.

Product description:

  • 100% Natural wheat drinking straw.

  • Each box contains 100 straws.

  • They are sterilised using a chemical-free and certified food-safe process.

  • They are completely biodegradable and compostable.

  • Can be trimmed for cocktail drinks with sharp scissors.

  • Being a completely natural product, the straws vary in diameter from 3 to 6mm.


Straws made from straw... Do they work?

You bet they do!

We designed and tested our straws to be brilliant at being straws!

Jolly Turtle decided to create a straw that would:

  • have minimal environmental impact in production

  • have a neutral carbon footprint

  • protect the world's marine ecosystems

  • contribute to the clean-up operation of plastic pollution in our oceans

  • and importantly be able to serve its purpose as a perfect straw for drinks, cocktails, juices, smoothies, crushes, coffees, and milks!


So Why are our straws brilliant?

We have selected wheat farmers with respected and renowned heritage and ethical values. The production process ensures that our straws are not burnt, are not discoloured by cooking, and are not brittle.

We are proud to be able to say with confidence to you: "Cheers!" Your straw will not get soggy; it will not scald your lips or feel cold; it will have a neutral taste; there is no compromise compared to paper straws; and you will enjoy your drink knowing that your straw will not impact the environment and will contribute to the clean-up of our beautiful oceans!


Jolly Turtle Wheat Straws

Plastic Straws

Paper Straws.png

Paper Straws

Raw Production Material 

Time Needed too Replace Natural Commodity of Raw Material

Time Needed for Straws to Naturally Degrade

Disposal Method


Impact on Oceans and Marine Life


4 Months

3 - 17 Days

Compost, Food Waste Collection, Garden Waste


Wheat straws do not impact on marine ecosystems, and they are produced naturally as a by-product of wheat. Jolly Turtle is a proud partner of Big Blue Ocean Clean-Up. We donate 10% of all profits to the clean-up of oceans and seas around the world.


50 Million Years

20 - 30 Years

General Waste; Landfill


Plastic straws contribute significantly to ocean plastic pollution. Although straws are a small percentage of plastic in our seas, they break into micro and macro plastics that are ingested by all creatures in ocean ecosystems.


Up to 20 Years

2 - 6 Weeks

General Waste; Landfill - Not Recycled!


Paper straws are increasingly found in oceans and pose significant risk to marine life whilst they take time to decompose. The damage to forest wildlife attributed to the production off paper straws continues to be investigated.

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